2301D and 2301D-EC

The Woodward 2301D and 2301D-EC microprocessor-based controls function like the 2301A load sharing and speed control. The 2301D is a load sharing and speed control; the 2301DEC is a load sharing and speed control with Extended (Modbus® *) Communications.

The controls are housed in a sheet-metal chassis for ordinary and hazardous locations, and consist of a single printed circuit board.

The 2301D and 2301D-EC are configured using a computer with Woodward Watch Window software. The configuration software is supplied with each control or may be downloaded from the Woodward website (www.woodward.com). The computer connects to the 2301D and 2301D-EC through a 9-pin connector (RS-232 port).

The control operates from a 24 Vdc supply.

The 2301D and 2301D-EC include:

  • 1 Load Sensor Circuit
  • 1 Actuator Driver, 4–20 mA, 0–20 mA, or 0–200 mA
  • 1 MPU Speed Sensor
  • 1 Configurable Analog Output
  • 2 Configurable Analog Inputs
  • 8 Discrete (Switch) Inputs
  • 4 Discrete (Relay Driver) Outputs

The 2301D operates within a range of –40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F).