The Woodward 2301D-ST is a microprocessor based control with integral application software designed for single-valve steam turbine applications. Like Woodward’s 2301A line of controls, this control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single printed circuit board. To facilitate unit retrofits, the 2301D-ST’s I/O terminals are located in the same general location as Woodward’s 2301A line of controls.

This control is designed to perform the core control functions of a small steam turbine package. The application software is field configurable, allowing it to be configured and modified to meet site-specific requirements.

With more I/O than its predecessor (the 2301A LSSC), the 2301D-ST control also has serial communications, allowing it to easily interface with the package PLC or plant DCS.

The 2301D-ST is configured and serviced (dynamic adjustments made) via a laptop computer connected to the control’s RS-232 communications port. These configuration and dynamic settings are set, changed, tuned, and saved via a laptop computer and Woodward’s user-friendly Watch Window software program. This Windows® based PC program allows users to set and adjust all application-based parameters, plus upload and download configurations to and from the control.