The Atlas-II Control is available in several configurations to meet the specific I/O needs of the prime mover. The modular hardware configuration of the Atlas-II lends itself to bulkhead mounting.

Hardware modules can support a variety of analog and digital signals including thermocouples, RTDs, 4~20 mA signals, and others. Control power for the Atlas-II is supplied from an external 24 Vdc source.

Environmental specifications allow the Atlas-II control to move out of the control room and closer to the prime mover. In many cases, it can be mounted on the prime mover skid. Typically, the Atlas-II control is mounted in an enclosure rated for the site-specific environmental conditions.

The Atlas-II platform supports Profibus and Ethernet field architectures for remote distributed I/O.

Application code is generated by use of Woodward’s Graphical Application Program (GAP(TM)) or Woodward’s Ladder Logic programming environment. Powerful service tools interface to the Atlas-II to provide real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of the control.