The AtlasSC control is a powerful and rugged industrial control with embedded microprocessor technology and dedicated I/O for real time control of engines, turbines, and electric motors. At the heart of the small and powerful AtlasSC platform is an industrial processor with Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The AtlasSC platform utilizes the industry-standard PC/104 bus structure to leverage “PC Economics,” resulting in lower costs and greater feature flexibility.

AtlasSC control system environmental specifications allow it to move out of the control room and closer to the prime mover, even on the engine skid in many cases. It is generally bulkhead mounted in an enclosure (see Environmental Specifications). Engineering and service interface is through serial ports.

The AtlasSC control contains on-board I/O optimized for prime mover control. The performance of these channels gives precise control not always possible with general-purpose I/O products. Configurability on many channels maximizes flexibility and channel usage, usually offering the least expensive I/O choice available.

Where additional I/O expansion is required, the AtlasSC platform makes use of a networking strategy. Modbus is used to distribute I/O from a variety of different vendors. Entire package control, including auxiliary sub-system control, system monitoring and overall sequencing, becomes very economical.

The AtlasSC control is programmed via Woodward’s GAP™ Graphical Application Program. This picture-to-code programming tool allows efficient implementation of the control requirements.