Dual Dynamics 2301A

The 2301A Load Sharing and Speed Control with Dual Dynamics is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single printed-circuit board. All potentiometers are accessible from the front of the chassis.

Speed range is set on an internal DIP switch, available inside the cover of the control. Speeds are set according to the sensor-output frequency in Hertz.

Each set of dynamics offered in this control is independently set to provide the exact response needed by the engine at a specific condition. The choice of dynamics is selected by a switch position. The switch may be a part of the auxiliary breaker in a generator system, or may be automatically set by other changes in the process being powered.

The start-fuel limit feature can prevent start-up overshoot and excessive start-up smoke. The start-fuel limit is automatically removed from direct-acting controls when the engine nears selected speed. On reverse-acting controls, the start-fuel limit must be disabled by the use of wiring contacts after start-up is complete.

All 2301A controls feature an internal, isolated power supply for improved noise immunity and ground-loop protection. The units provide maximum protection from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.