EasyGen 2000 Series


  • FlexRangeTM – Two separate sets of 3-phase true r.m.s. voltage measuring inputs for the generator and mains:
    • 120 Vac rated (max. 150 Vac)
    • 480 Vac rated (max. 600 Vac)
  • 3-phase true r.m.s. generator current/power
  • 1-phase true r.m.s. current input freely configurable either as mains current measurement or ground current measurement (ground fault protection)
  • 1 speed input (magnetic/switching)
  • 10 configurable discrete alarm inputs
  • LogicsManagerTM – up to 11 programmable relay outputs
  • FlexInTM – up to 4 configurable analog inputs
  • Flexible Outputs – up to 4 configurable analog outputs
  • FlexCANTM – up to 2 CAN bus communication networks


Generator: Over-/undervoltage (59/27), over-/ underfrequency (81O/U), unbalanced voltage, dead bus detection, overload (32), unbalanced load (46), reverse/reduced power (32R/F), definite overcurrent and timeovercurrent (50/51), inverse time-overcurrent (IEC255), measured ground fault (50N/51N), phase rotation, breaker failure monitoring

Engine: Over-/underspeed (12), battery over-/ undervoltage, auxiliary excitation, speed/frequency mismatch

Mains: Over-/undervoltage (59/27), over-/ underfrequency (81O/U), phase shift, rotation field


  • 128×64 dot graphical interactive LC display with soft keys
  • Start/stop logic for Diesel/Gas engines
  • Engine pre-glow or purge control
  • Warm-up control via timer or coolant temperature
  • Speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive power, and power factor set points (auto or remote controlled)
  • Power and reactive power load sharing with up to 16 units including load-dependent start/stop
  • kWh, kvarh
  • Operating hours/start/maintenance counters – Operating hours also available from a connected ECU via J1939/CAN
  • Configurable trip levels/delays/alarm classes
  • PC and/or front panel configurable (ToolKit software)
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Multi-lingual capability (11 languages in 1 unit configurable: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish)
  • Event recorder (300 events, FIFO) with real time clock (battery backed; min. 5 years)
  • Remote control via interface / discrete inputs
  • Control of asynchronous generators