EasyGen 300 Series


  • 3 phase generator and mains true rms voltage, measuring inputs: rated 480 Vac (max. 600 Vac)
  • Maximum 2 configurable discrete inputs
  • Maximum 2 programmable relays
  • D+ input (charge alternator input/output)


Generator / Engine: Battery voltage, overspeed (12), over-/undervoltage (59/27), over-/underfrequency (81O/U), charge alternator failure


  • Start/stop sequence for Diesel engines
  • Pre-glow control
  • Operating hours, service hours, and start counters
  • Configurable trip levels/delays/alarm classes
  • 6digit 7segment LED for
    • display of measuring values (V, f, speed)
    • display of counters (see above)
    • display of alarms o display of ECU messages
  • PC and/or front panel configurable (selection of parameters for front panel configuration)
  • Password protected front panel configuration
  • 15 entry event logger
  • Customized display using paper-strips


  • Model “320x”: GCB (generator circuit breaker) operation only
  • Model “350x”: GCB and MCB (mains circuit breaker) operation
  • Generator voltage measurement
    • 3phase-4wire, 3phase-3wire, 1phase-3wire, and 1phase-2wire
  • Mains voltage measurement
    • Model “350X”: 3phase-4wire, 3phase-3wire, 1phase-3wire, and 1phase-2wire
  • Visualization of J1939 messages
  • MPU input (magnetic/switching)