MicroNet TMR

The MicroNet TMR® control platform utilizes a robust rack-mounted chassis with on-line replaceable I/O modules and triple modular architecture to achieve its 99.999% availability. This triple modular redundant based system consists of three isolated kernel sections (A, B, C) housed within the platform’s compact chassis. Each kernel section includes its own CPU, CPU power supply, and up to four I/O modules. The I/O modules can be used for simplex I/O, redundant I/O, triple redundant I/O, or any redundancy combination. I/O expandability is performed via additional system chassis or through distributed I/O.

This platform’s high-density modules and integrated application program provide first-out indication for monitored system events to reduce troubleshooting time. These purpose-built modules time-stamp discrete events within 1 millisecond and analog events within 5 milliseconds. The MicroNet TMR uses two power supplies, each of which powers the control from a separate power source. Inside each power supply are three independent power converters, one for each CPU and I/O section. This triplicate power architecture provides maximum protection against single or multipoint hardware failures.

The control’s special TMR Discrete I/O modules are designed for use in critical discrete circuits. This module accepts discrete inputs and distributes these inputs to each of the separate kernel sections, as well as output relay-based contacts to drive discrete application logic. The module’s special TMR outputs utilize a six-relay configuration and integrated latent fault detection logic to allow the failure of any one or in some cases two relays without affecting the integrity of the output contact. This type of architecture allows routine relay testing to be performed as well as on-line reparability, without affecting the integrity of the output or system.

Designed as a turbine control system, the MicroNet TMR controller’s actuator driver modules are designed to interface with proportional or integrating turbine valve servos using single or dual redundant coils, with AC or DC feedback position sensors. The MicroNet TMR control can accommodate any combination of Woodward standard MicroNet I/O modules to provide maximum application flexibility.

Available Inputs and Outputs include:

  • Magnetic pickups (MPUs) and proximity probes
  • Discrete I/O
  • Analog I/O
  • Thermocouple inputs
  • Resistance temperature devices (RTDs)
  • Proportional and integrating actuator drivers (integrated AC and DC position inputs)
  • Ethernet and Serial communications