MicroNet(TM) Plus

The MicroNet Plus control is a VME-based, modular control system with redundant or simplex CPU and power supply options and a variety of I/O module choices. Additional chassis may be added to accommodate larger systems.

CPUs may be simplex or redundant, depending on customer requirements. A simplex CPU system can be upgraded to redundant CPUs by simply adding a second CPU and making a minor software change.

I/O Module selection is customized to match customer requirements. I/O can be configured in any combination of simplex, duplex, or triplex and in any combination of analog, discrete, and specialty modules. I/O modules allow for hot replacement without removing control power.

The MicroNet Plus control utilizes Woodward’s proven graphical application programmer (GAP) software. This function block format programming language provides an efficient means to program prime mover control logic. A Ladder Logic programming environment is also available for those users familiar with this programming structure.