The Woodward MSLC-2™ is a microprocessor based load control designed for three-phase electric power generation sites equipped with Woodward DSLC-2™ Digital Synchronizer and Load Controls. The original MSLC™ has been blended with another decade of application experiences to develop the new MSLC-2™. The MSLC-2™ is a synchronizer, a utility load sensor, an import/export load level control, a power factor control, and a master process control. Applications include power systems which operate in parallel with the utility with single or multiple utility feeds as well as new capabilities for multiple segment and intertie breaker control.

For utility parallel systems, the MSLC-2™ provides either phase matching or slip frequency automatic synchronizing of the local plant bus to the main power grid through one or several main breakers. The MSLC-2’s™ load sensor and load control sense true RMS power and provide bumpless loading and unloading against the power grid. Plant voltage is matched to the utility prior to paralleling. Operating modes can either be base load or import/export/process power levels against the utility. Power factor or VAR levels are precisely controlled. The MSLC-2™ communicates via Ethernet to control real and reactive loading against the utility by DSLC-2™ equipped generators. 32 generators equipped with DSLC-2’s™ can be paralleled to the utility with up to eight individual bus segments. Intertie breakers are controlled, and synchronized through individual MSLC-2’s™ actively communicating with the individual DSLC-2’s™ and the other MSLC-2’s™ on the system.

For isolated multiple generator systems, the MSLC-2™ can be used to operate tie breakers between groups of generators using the DSLC-2™ controls.