RP-3000 Remote Control

The RP-3000 is a remote control and annunciation panel for use with the back-panel mounted easYgen-3100/3400 or door-mounted easYgen-3200/3500 genset controls.

It offers switchgear builders an off-the-shelf HMI option for any application where remote control is desired, such as hospitals, marine switchboards, drill platforms, data centers, landfill and wastewater gasto-power applications or other outdoor switchgear installations.

The RP-3000 is an ideal solution for door-mounted applications, providing control from the front panel with greatly reduced wiring to the access door, while keeping high-voltage connections located safely on the back panel.

The RP-3000 allows remote control, remote visualization (including a synch-scope), and password-protected remote configuration of the easYgen-3000 Series generator controls, with access to its complete menu structure and all parameter settings.

It has the same look and feel as the easYgen-3200 or easYgen-3500 genset control.

Each RP-3000 remote panel communicates with a single easYgen-3000 Series genset control via CAN communication. A single relay output is provided to signal “Ready for Operation”.