PGG-EG Governor

The PGG-EG governor/actuator combines the proven dependability of the hydromechanical PG governor with the flexibility of an electronic control. The PGG-EG is used to control speed or power output of engines where remote speed-setting capabilities with speed droop on the mechanical side of the governor are required.

The governor has a self-contained oil supply. PGG-EG governor/actuators are available for clockwise, counterclockwise, or reversible drive rotation. Oil pressure is maintained by a relief valve and accumulators. Oil flow to and from the governor power cylinder is controlled either by a centrifugal flyweight and pilot-valve-plunger assembly or by an electronically controlled torque motor and a follower-type pilot valve. The power cylinder is mechanically linked to, and positions, the fuel rack or valve.

Droop in the PGG-EG is set with a dial on the front panel. It is adjustable from 0 to more than 8%. Droop on the PGG-EG is determined by a combination of the dial setting and the position of the governor output cylinder. This allows the mechanical speed to be set closer to the electronic speed than is possible in other “ballhead backup” governor/actuators.

Adjustable load limit makes the PGG flexible in its ability to back up the electrical control and still not overspeed or overload the engine should the electronics fail.