The EGB-200P/-300P is a governor/ actuator providing the electronic governor with 200/300 lb-ft (270/400 Nm) work capacity for positioning the engine or turbine fuel racks or linkage.

The EGB-200P/-300P is a completely self-contained governor/actuator for use with large engines or turbines which require high output governors.

Upon loss of electric control signals, the standard EGB-200P/-300P is adjusted to cause engine or turbine shutdown. The addition of an optional starting device allows prime mover starting and operation under ballhead control. The ballhead section will also regulate fuel if the control fails in such a manner as to call for maximum fuel.

The EGB-200P/-300P can be factory set for a reverse-acting control to give maximum fuel upon loss of electric governor control signal.

The electric actuator section will respond to isochronous or droop governor control. Speed and droop adjustments for the electric actuator are made through the electric governor control system. If the control and EGB-200P/-300P are paralleled to an infinite bus or to other unlike governors, the droop mode must be used.

The EGB-200P/-300P ballhead section may operate isochronously for single unit application. A droop adjustment knob on the front panel provides droop adjustment for the ballhead governor in parallel application.

The load limit control knob is used to adjust the maximum output position of the EGB200P/-300P. The knob may be used to manually shut down the engine or turbine.

A high output booster servomotor may be used to help move the governor output toward the maximum fuel position before starting the engine or turbine.