PGG Governor

The PGG is a mechanical-hydraulic, pressure-compensated governor that combines a permanent-magnet, speed-setting motor for accurate remote speed adjustment with speed-droop adjustment and load-limit control features. Manual speed setting at the governor is also provided. Pressure-actuated or electric-solenoid shutdown is available in addition to other PG auxiliary devices.

The governor has a self-contained oil supply. The integral oil pump is driven by the governor drive shaft. PGG governors are available for clockwise, counterclockwise, or reversible governor drives. Oil pressure is maintained by a relief valve and accumulators. Oil flow to and from the governor power cylinder is controlled by a centrifugal flyweight and pilot-valve-plunger assembly. The power cylinder is mechanically linked to, and positions, the fuel racks or valve.

Adjustable load limit sets the maximum fuel position. The adjustment may be used to shutdown the engine or to otherwise limit the maximum fuel to the engine.