PGPL Actuator/Driver

The PGPL Actuator/Driver is an electrohydraulic actuator with a proportional driver interface (purchased separately) which can be used with electronic controls providing a 0 to 200 mA position signal. The actuator is designed for use with Woodward 2301A series, 723-series, Peak® 150, and 505 digital controls.

The driver converts a given electrical signal into a mA output to the actuator. This then drives the output shaft position through the action of a torque motor and follower-type pilot valve. A contactless sensor located on the power cylinder provides the position feedback necessary for loop closure. Power cylinders with 16, 23, 39, and 79 J (12, 17, 29, and 58 ft-lb) outputs are available with linear output. Power cylinders with 16, 23, 39, and 79 Nm (12, 17, 29, and 58 lb-ft) outputs are also available with rotary output.

The PGPL Actuator/Driver uses all the standard PG governor bases as well as drive shaft options. The output shaft or rod end and rack position indicators are the same parts used in the PG governor and in the same relative position. The existing booster, remote heat exchanger, and remote servo options can be used.

The actuator may be equipped with a special gear and magnetic pickup, using the governor drive to sense engine speed. This permits an added convenience when converting from a PG hydraulic-mechanical governor to an electronic control system.