UG-40 Governor

Lever Governor

Engine speed on the Lever governor is set with a speed shaft having almost 90° rotation for the full speed range. Droop is adjustable from isochronous to 7.5% over the 38° of output on the high-speed governor and from isochronous to 9.5% over the full output travel of the low-speed governor.

Lever governors are “reversible”, allowing use with reversing engines.

Dial Governor

The speed reference is set from a manual dial or with an optional speed-setting motor, mounted on top of the governor.

Droop is adjustable over the complete 38° terminal shaft rotation from 0 to 17.5% on the low-speed governor. Load Limit is set with an indicator dial to limit terminal shaft travel in the increase-fuel direction.

The Dial governor is “reversible”, allowing use with reversing engines.