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Ug25+ Upgrade Program


UG25+ is an electronic control (the L-Series) - offering improved control performance and additional features - with hydraulic amplification on the same footprint as the ?classical? UG8.

Since 2006 also numerous running hours of field experience have been collected, resulting in various enhancements to the product: this latest version is called the UG25+ ?P3?.

Woodward?s OEM customers are transitioning to this enhanced P3 version.

For these reasons we would like to recommend our end-users to convert the UG25+ P1 unit at its first normal service interval into the enhanced P3 design.

Ug25+ Upgrade Program


Benefits of UG25+ P3 over P1

  • Reduced sensitivity to vibration induced terminal shaft jiggling
  • The terminal connections allow for point-to-point measuring of I/O signals
  • Remote Raise/Lower commands from generator panel remain active when PC service tool is connected
  • Feature to perform 'hi-pot'(high potential - electrical isolation resistance) testing without disconnecting the I/O connections
  • Improved vibration resistance of Raise/Lower and Stop knob
  • Increased recommended service interval
  • Troubleshooting is possible even with the engine running
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