WOODWARD Business Partner
Governor Exchange Program


Overhauling of the governor on exchange base is the process where client?s governor is replaced with identical governor (part number identification). The replacing governor is overhauled second hand governor in 'good-as-new' condition.

Exchange program


How it works

  • Request for governor indicating exact part number
  • Checking for the wanted governor in Jewon Engineering warehouse
  • Sending of the wanted governor to the vessel (to the agent in defined port)
  • Replacing of the governor/commissioning (done by the crew and/or by Jewon Engineering Woodward specialist) on the vessel
  • Sending of the ?old? governor to Jewon Engineering's workshop
  • When the 'old' governor reaches Jewon Engineering's workshop, the complete procedure of overhauling will be performed
  • When overhauled and tested, the governor will be put into Jewon Engineering's warehouse
  • Issuing of the invoice based on final defect report
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