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Overhaul Procedure


The layout in our workshop is setup in a way that the governors follow a specific path through the shop like receiving, pre-testing, disassembly, cleaning, assembly, testing, paint spray, final inspection and packaging. This setup is made to achieve the most practical flow in the repair process and separate the dirty incoming products from the clean work spaces like the assembly and test area.

Overhaul procedure

Overhaul process


Receiving, unpackaging and marking of the governor

Checking of the part number, visual checking

Pre Testing

If necessary the governor will be pre tested to check all settings like speed setting, limiter-, speed switch-, and shutdown adjustments. All application related adjustments will be noted to adjust the governor after the overhaul in a way it will be ready for your application.


In this area the governor will be completely disassembled. During the disassembly "always replaced parts" like bearings, o-rings, gaskets, etc. will be separated from the rest.


In our cleaning area all parts will be cleaned, paint stripped and if necessary de-rusted. Together with our supplier we developed special detergents and procedures. All parts will be cleaned excellent but will not be damaged by means of corrosion or deposit.


After cleaning, all parts will be inspected on wear. All worn part will be replaced by genuine parts from the original governor manufacturer like Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Heinzmann or Zexel. All "always replaced parts" will be replaced as well.


In our assembly area all cleaned part and new parts will come together and the governor will be assembled by technicians who has been trained by the governor manufacturer. The assembly area is separated in special work stations for every specific governor like PG- and UG- stations.
All equipment and tooling used to assemble the governors is developed to meet the high standard which is required by the governor manufacturers.


After the assembly of the governor it will be tested on functionality and adjusted following the manufacturers test protocol for the specific governor. Some governors will be adjusted according the customer requirements, which has been noted during the pretest or given by the customer.
The test facilities can be seen as an engine simulator and are supplied by the governor manufacturers.


After the test and adjustment procedure the governor will be decreased, pre-treated and paint sprayed.
Most governors will be paint sprayed in the governor manufacturers color. On special request we can deliver the governor in other colors like Cat-yellow or MTU-silver.

Final Inspection

Before packing all governors will be checked on possible inferiorities and completeness like decals, protection caps and customer belongings like levers, tubing, connectors, etc.


Now the governor will be packed in a special box for each different governor.


The governor is now ready to ship all over the world wherever our customer want us to send it to, or it can be hand carried by one of our service engineer to mount it on the application and make the final adjustments

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